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Where is There Not a Walmart Nowadays?

Like the title says, is there anywhere that Walmart won’t go?

Obviously having a Walmart in your area has it advantages, but it also has it’s disadvantages.

On one hand you have a somewhat safe place to shop 24/7 that has probably the lowest prices in general. The prices thing is questionable when you get used to barters and going to open markets. But for things outside of food or produce, it’s pretty much impossible to beat Walmart’s prices. On top of that, being in a less popular country like Mongolia makes it even harder to beat Walmart’s prices. Walmart is also so globally popular that there are many sites where you can find a “Walmart near me

On the other hand, Walmart represents the head of the industrial takeover. You’ve heard the stories of Walmart moving into new towns or areas and killing off the small businesses because the small businesses can’t afford to compete with Walmart’s prices. Also, even though Walmart is considered safe, that doesn’t mean that shopping there is pleasant. And to be fair, if I were getting paid the same wage that Walmart workers get then I’d probably be a lazy employee as well.

What’s your experience like with Walmart? Positive? Negative? I want to hear from you. Maybe with the growth of Amazon, they will eventually take over Walmart, thus leaving some room for local businesses to breath and earn a living.

There are also a huge amount of towns or areas that ban large corporations like McDonald’s and Walmart from just rolling in and taking over. Although many would argue that bans like that go against the grain of capitalism, sometimes theĀ  preservation of a town’s economy is more important.

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