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The Adaptec Game Bridge Does Its Job Well, and is Inexpensive to Boot!

I’m a big video gamer, but I’m constantly on the go going back and forth from home and college. It was a real pain in the neck to be deeply involved in a game, but then have to go home for a school break. I could bring my ultrawide monitor and the console, but that was just really too much of a hassle. Thats when I found the Adaptec Game Bridge. The Adaptec Game Bridge is a product that allows you to play the PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast, XBox, or any video game console with the red/yellow/white AV cords on your computer monitor. In addition, you can also take direct feed screen shots and great quality videos of the game. This allowed me to bring my slimline PS2 with me and play it on my laptop, allowing me to play PS2 while on the go.
The Adaptec Game Bridge is really everything I could have asked for. Its system requirements are very low – my laptop is over 4 years old and the Game Bridge runs like a dream on it! Set up is a breeze, it plugs right in to your USB 2.0 port and comes with an installation CD with all the necessary drivers and programs, it won’t take more then 15 minutes to get it all set up. The program it comes packed with is not a memory hog at all, it runs with no lag – except that caused by the laptops LCD screen refresh rate, which has nothing to do with the Game Bridge. The picture it provides is very clear, and can even run in S-Video mode for enhanced graphics, should you have the S-Video cord. The Adaptec Game Bridge is also very tiny and very portable, its about the size of a Zippo lighter, maybe a bit bigger. This makes it especially easy to bring around with you, to a friends house or anywhere really. It also comes with a really nice carrying pouch. Also, it can take videos and screenshots of the games you are playing. I didn’t really plan on using this feature often, but have ended up using it a lot more then I thought I would! Its great to be able to record videos of your top scores on video games and then show it off to friends later. The best thing about the Adaptec Game Bridge is, without a doubt, its incredibly affordable price. I got my Game Bridge for about $20, plus shipping. I looked at other capture cards and the prices were all $50 or more!

The one thing that may disappoint about the Game Bridge is that it does not play cable television. However, I got it primarily for playing video games, so that doesn’t detract any points from me. If you are in a similar situation where you travel a lot but want to be able to keep up with your gaming, or even if you can’t afford a TV at the moment, I would whole heartedly recommend the Adaptec Game Bridge – you won’t be disappointed!

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