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Top ten survival tips for Newbies

New arrivals need basic survival tips. They always ask the same questions over and over, which gets really tiresome. So I'm putting the answers to the top ten questions in one place. Hopefully you'll read them before I meet you in person. That way I won't have to waste my time going over the basics, and we can get down to more important things, like drinking beer and checking out the local talent.

  1. Getting oriented: key landmarks in Ulaanbaatar.
  2. ATMs: which ones work and where they are.
  3. Taxis: how to catch one and avoid getting ripped off.
  4. Restaurants: keeping body and soul together in a country with really bad food.
  5. Bars & clubs: where to get a drink, meet girls or go dancing.
  6. How to dress: advice to keep you from freezing your ass off.
  7. Wifi spots: staying connected for [almost] free.
  8. Staying safe: how to avoid aggressive drunks, nationalists, pickpockets, and street urchins.
  9. Crossing the street: how to get to the other side without a detour to the hospital.
  10. Medical emergencies: just in case.

If you survive your first few weeks in Mongolia, come back to this site for more information about living in Mongolia.

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