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Sleeping Good On New Memory Foam Mattress

After about 3 months of using this new Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam mattress, I figure it’s time to spread the word. Overall, I’m very blown away from the quality you get for the price. For whatever reason, I always thought that a memory foam mattress was much more expensive. This is probably because they costed a fortune when they first came out, but I was shocked to see the low prices this year on Amazon.

Before this, I used a pillow top mattress with a box spring for many years. When I moved to a new place I decided to get one of these while trying to decide what setup I would get permanently. After the very first night of sleeping on this thing, I knew that I wasn’t going to change anything.

I usually sleep with an app on my phone that monitors my deep sleep cycles. After switching to this mattress, the app showed a positive change since the switch and I believe it. I would normally fall asleep with something next to me on the nightstand (book, cell phone, remote) and it would be on the ground by the morning. Now with this mattress I barely roll around, and it seems common to wake up in the same position that I fell asleep. Once I wake up, I actually feel rested. It’s actually a shame that I didn’t know about this difference earlier in life.

After reading the other reviews online, it seems that a lot of customers have a problem with shipping and customer service. The mattress comes condensed in a box, which basically makes it impossible to ship back. To be honest, you’re buying a mattress in a box that gets shipped to your door, there isn’t really much more you can ask for at this price.

It’s obviously not a Temperpedic, since you know they use a super fancy foam that let’s them jack the price up. But what this mattress does is introduce you to the world of memory foam mattress, like some sort of gateway drug. I can guarantee that once you make the switch that you will never want to go back.

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