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Looking at Pop Culture Differently

Being in a country where it takes a long time for pop culture to take over is a big change from being in a place like the United States. In many countries, just like Mongolia, some trends that are popular around the world still don’t make an impression like they do in other areas. The strange part is that some of these countries only see these fads or styles until years later, when they are no longer current in the the present day. Take for instance the latest trend of hoverboards, you couldn’t log in to Instagram or Facebook without seeing either an advertisement for one, or some famous person/celebrity using one. Then before you know it, they become a topic of news stations because people are pushing the rules to the limits, like trying to ride the hoverboard in airports and stuff like that.

Well here in Mongolia, that fad may never hit at all. The thing that set the hoverboard fad apparent from others, was the inherently large cost of getting one, because it’s sort of newer technology. One would think that having a close proximity to China would be the cheap electronics are abundant here, which is true for the most part. In the end I think some cultures just have a much different view of fads, and of what is actually worth giving attention to.

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