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Hotels in Mongolia

There are a lot of hotels in Mongolia, but not one of them meets international standards for comfort and service. Anyone used to international five-star hotels will be disappointed. But some are better than others. So if you have to live in a hotel for more than a few days, be selective.

I have stayed in all of the hotels listed below, since I never found a hotel I liked enough to willingly return to. Of all the hotels in Mongolia, these are the very best. The only good thing to say is that you'll have a lot of incentive to find an apartment or house quickly.

  • Corporate Hotel. Overall the best hotel for business travellers, just south of Sukhbaatar Square.
  • Ulaanbaatar Hotel. The statue of Lenin out front says it all.
  • Khan Palace Kempinski. This could be a good hotel if it weren't in such a crappy part of town.
  • Naraantul. Located on Peace Avenue west of the city center, with great views.
  • Bayangol. Crummy hotel, but good value for money and in a good location.
  • Puma. Cramped rooms but located right by Government House. Indian restaurant is a big plus.
  • White House Hotel. Far from the center but has the best night club in town.
  • Palace Hotel. An average hotel in the south of the city on the way to the airport. At least the air's clean.
  • Ayanchin Lodge. Overall the best place to stay in Terelj National Park.
  • Terelj Hotel. Overpriced luxury hotel in Terelj National Park.
If you're a tourist or a backpacker, you'll have a lot more options. Some hotels and hostels are pretty good at taking care of their guests. I've heard good things about these hotels:

  • Michelle Hotel. Near the Sky Department Store. Cheap and nice.
  • Negdelchin Hotel. On the east side of the center on Peace Avenue near the Wrestling Palace, attached to a half-decent Mongolian restaurant.
  • Kharkhorum. Close to the notorious Amrita night club near the Tenggis movie theater.
  • UB Guest House. A good hostel in the center of town, just south of Sukhbaatar Square.

You'll also see a lot of small hotels in Mongolia, some of which don't even have names - they're just called "Hotel." Many of these are love hotels that can be rented out by the hour. I'd avoid these if you're planning to actually spend the night.

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