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Growing Produce and Raising Livestock

As you can already imagine, it’s not as simple living here compared to living in the States. If you are willing and have some property to work with, I would highly suggest getting yourself some sort of livestock and grow some produce. You don’t have to grow enough to sell at a market or anything, but anything you can produce yourself to help sustain your life is highly useful. In many areas, it’s not just a simple trip to Walmart at any hour of the day when you need to get groceries. Sometimes you need to wait until the market is open and people are out selling, or hopefully you can barter with some of your neighbors for a couple items.

Even if you don’t have land for livestock, I would at least try to grow a couple vegetables to help compliment meat that you get from the market. If you have land for some animals, all you really need is a bin for food, a water tank, and a water tank heater. You can get different size water tanks for livestock, depending on how many animals you are taking care of. After that you can choose the right heater to match the size of the tank.

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