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Enjoying Some Imported Cigars for a Change

Being in Mongolia obviously means that you may miss out on some of the finer things in life. Obviously you can make almost anything happen with the right amount of money, but for those of us living a normal life we have to take a step back and be realistic.

One of the things I miss from being in the states in having a nice cuban cigar every once in a while. I was never a big smoker per se, but I was nice to relax at night and have a couple puffs. Even though I do usually get a decent buzz from it, I think it’s more about just the ritual of smoking that I enjoyed. Some say that often people mistake the cigarettes as being calming, when it’s really just the fact that they’re are taking a moment to take deep breathes and relax.

When I first made the decision to get a place out here, I sold most of my possessions – which included my humidor. Luckily it wasn’t anything special so I had no problem getting rid of it so that I could order a new one online and just have it shipped to me. To me, the best place to grab a deal and still get shipping is to search Amazon and Ebay for best humidor and see what the current best deals are. Keep in mind, cigars that are worth being kept in a humidor are rare to come by in Mongolia, so you probably don’t need a very large humidor since your collection will most likely be relatively small.

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