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Better Education for People on This Side of the World?

Although most countries, including Mongolia, have some sort of public education system, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s not geared towards helping kids excel in life or gearing them for higher education. While I think it’s great that you can go and get a basic education so that you can be a functioning adult in this modern world, the fact that it’s not preparing you for education after the basic years is troubling for a parent that aspires for their child to go further.

Luckily for us, the International Baccalaureate (IB) group has some accepted schools right here in Mongolia. If you are from a country nearby then maybe it would be worth checking out some of the schools or an IB school Singapore.

So what is the IB program anyway?

Basically the IB program was created by a non-profit educational foundation that offers 4 internationally recognized programmes of education, geared towards developing children’s intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills. These are the skills that they believe are needed to live, learn, and work in this ever rapidly changing world. A school wanting to offer one of the programmes has to be authorized by the IB organization itself.

The IB has a reputation for requiring high standards of teaching, leadership, and of course student achievement. You can visit the official IB website to check for authorized schools in your area. Be sure to pay attention to what programmes that the school offers, because they may not offer the one in your child’s current age group.

The programmes are:

  • Primary Years Programme – Age range 2-13 – Prepares students to be ready for real world interactions with others
  • Middle Years Programme – Age range 11-16 – Helps students make connections between studies and the real world.
  • Diploma Programme – Age range 16-19 – Designed to help students take their well-rounded knowledge to the next level.
  • Career-Related Programe – Age range 16-19 – Education geared towards leading student into apprenticeships or jobs.

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